Different Types Of Filtering Materials In Air Filters

filter-materialIn the HVAC industry, the air filters are manufactured in large numbers. There are three diffrent types of filtering materials in air filters. These filters have varying degrees of purification. It means that some of them can trap dust particles of higher particle range while the others can trap even more minute particles like smokes, airborne microbes, etc.

Panel Filters
The panel air filters are the most common AC filters. They are generally made up of woven fiberglass. However some of them are also constructed with dense polystrand and this material maximizes the dust holding capacity of the filters. The frames of the panel filters are supported by metal grids on both air-entry and departing sides. These air conditioner filters are the most widely used ones and the basic reasons are that they are disposable, inexpensive and they can be replaced easily. However their efficiency is less than the other ones as they can remove only large particulates. They can easily accommodate most filter tracks and are safe. But they should be changed every month by you or a HVAC contractor. It is ideal for places where pollution is low.

air-filter-materialPleated Air Conditioning Filters
The pleated air filters are very much like the disposable panel ones except that they have higher MERV rating and are made up of different material. The material used in this filter is pleated. When the pleated filter is integrated with the cooling system of your house then it provides more surface area for filtration. The net result is that the filter can remove smaller particulates present in the air and thus provides higher level of efficiency. The pleated filters of good brands have an MERV 8 rating and are moisture resistant. There are pleated filters of MERV 11. These ones are made up of synthetic materials and are housed within rigid panels.

Electrostatic Air Filters
The electrostatic air filters are the ones which provide highest efficiency in trapping dust and microbes which are different types of filtering materials in air filters. Starting right from the pet danders, dust and lint to the dust mites, It can trap all sorts of dust particles. They last longer and their efficacy is far more better. The material used in this filter is electrically charged which act like magnet. This AC filter is able to trap ninety percent dust present in the air and thus provides cleaner air. One more benefit of the electrostatic filter is that it does not allow bacteria to grow over it which is often encountered in other filters.